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Head Start In-Kind Contributions





Recent studies have shown that children are most successful in school when parents are involved.  Volunteering in the classroom, becoming active at the site or with home activities is a great way to become involved in children’s education and is included within the Head Start Performance Standards.  The volunteer activities also count as “in-kind” for our program.

Geminus Head Start funds come directly from the federal government.  However, the government only provides 80% of the funds necessary to operate our program.  The other 20% must come from in-kind.  In-Kind is the donation of time, space or materials used in the program that would otherwise be purchased.  A dollar amount is assigned to all volunteer hours whether in the classroom, at the site or at home.  The dollar amounts are totaled and help us reach our required goals.

Each year Head Start nationwide must obtain over $3.5 million in-kind services and donations.

For every in-kind dollar that the program is not able to raise, the government could request a return of $4.00 from our program’s funds.  Volunteer participation is critical to the operation of a successful Head Start program. 



In-kind pie chart

$2,678,861 in-kind needed for Geminus Head Start   

We rely on our Head Start parents to participate in and have fun with activities that benefit the Head Start program and most importantly their child.  We hope every parent becomes a Head Start volunteer.  This list provides some examples of suggested activities that can count toward volunteerism (in-kind).  As you can see, there are tons of ways for volunteerism to occur inside or outside the classroom setting.

 in-kind classroom activities

Each Head Start site will always have in-kind forms available to fill out. 
in-kind log 
Remember:  No volunteer activity is too big or too small!
  • The contribution must meet all the requirements of allowable costs.
  • The contribution must be adequately documented.  Documentation should include a description and purpose of goods or services contributed.


How Do We Keep Track of In-Kind?


  • Record all your donated time on forms available at the sites.
  • Fill out the form each day you volunteer your time or donate goods.
  • Turn in completed forms to Program Manager of site.


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