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Parents of Murdered Children
Parents of Murdered Children, Inc.
Parents of Murdered Children, Inc. is the nation's only non-profit self-help organization designed solely to offer emotional support and information about surviving the loss of a loved one to murder. Members help one another by sharing experiences, feelings and insights, and by allowing others to do the same. This site contains information on the organization specifically. Membership, program, and support information is provided.

Michael Goshorn
WidowNet is an information and support resource for, and by, widows and widowers. Topics covered include grief, bereavement, recovery, and other information helpful to those who have suffered the death of a spouse or life partner. This site offers online interaction, related publications, support groups, and more.

Empty Arms Support Group Online
Empty Arms Support Group Online
This group is for women who surrendered their only child/ren to adoption and had no others, and have now reunited with their grown children. They are in different stages of reunion. The site contains a collection of poems and stories, as well as a list of books and movies about adoption, adoption language and links to related sites.  Readers can also become a free member of the support group by providing their first name, email address, and a brief bio about their circumstances.

Wings of Light
Wings Of Light Inc
Phoenix, AZ based national nonprofit organization that serves as a united voice for those whose lives have been touched by aircraft accidents. Provides three support networks: survivors, family members of those killed, and rescue/response personnel.

HEARTBEAT: Grief Support Following Suicide
HEARTBEAT: Grief Support Following Suicide
This is a peer support group offering empathy, encouragement and direction following the suicide of a loved one. The site offers many groups in Colorado, as well as a list of those in other parts of the US and world.